a fish grew this

unique on the prairies our custom
built AQUAPONIC facility blends
nature with science to grow our
fresh nutritious leafy greens
no matter the season

AQUAPONICS is a innovative food
production system that combines
conventional aquaculture,
the raising of fish - we use Koi,
with hydroponics, the
growing of plants in water

our indoor system mimics a natural
ecosystem and uses fish to produce
the fertilizer needed for the growing
plants and the plant roots to filter the
water for the fish ponds creating one
large recirculating river

each week we organically grow and
harvest hundreds of pounds of
fresh shoots & leafy greens

with an eye towards sustainability
and the future our facility uses less
water then traditional growing systems

it was also constructed to minimize
heating needs and uses a small wood
burning boiler to heat the growrooms

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on our fish and what they are up to
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