what's a shoot?

harvested after only a few short days
FRESH SHOOTS are the tender
young growth of some of your
favorite garden plants

each week we grow hundreds of
pounds of fresh shoots & leafy greens
  they are high in vitamins,
full of antioxidants, loaded fiber
and a good source of plant proteins

organically grown in our AQUAPONIC
facility our tasty fresh shoots are
a great addition to any dish and give
you garden fresh taste year round

PEA SHOOTS are the young tender
leaves and soft stems of pea plants

FORGET LETTUCE and try these shoots
on your burgers, sandwiches, or wraps
toss them into a salad or lightly saute
  and add to your favorite stir-fry

other fresh shoots are high in
nutrients and low in calories

they are loaded with vitamin C & A,
are a source of beta carotene, and
are high in fiber and plant proteins

with their bright purple stems and
dark green leaves these small but
mighty shoots have a spicy kick

SUNFLOWER SHOOTS are nutritious
and delicious with the same nutty
flavour you find in sunflower seeds

by including these tasty shoots and
others to your diet you will be adding
a good source of micro-nutrients,
plant proteins, fiber, and healthy fats

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