the perfect low maintenance perennial

Arching grass like foliage and bold colourful blooms make DAYLILIES the perfect addition to any garden. Add some colour and drama to your landscape with a variety of bold, vibrant blooms. Truly a low maintenance these perennials have relative few problems with pests, can grow in a variety of soil conditions, and do well in full sun to part shade.

Plants form well maintained clumps, 1 to 3 feet in diameter. Blooms range from 1 to 9 inches in size, and scape heights ranging from 11 inches to close to 4 feet. Bloom times vary from late June thru September with peak bloom period Mid July to Mid August. Our daylilies are field grown in central Saskatchewan and proven hardy to zone 2. Fans are dug when ordered, packed in peat moss and wrapped in burlap for shipping. Orders are shipped out on Mondays by Expedited Post so that the order arrives before the weekend.

Shipping fees apply. Plants can be ordered any time from April — September
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